Where nature teaches us how to be truly wealthy

A place where world influencers and leaders come to deepen and heal their complex relationship with worth. Tending to the Four Aspects of Humanity: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical, leaders engage in an alchemic whole human remapping practice to emerge soulfully aligned and financially embodied.


“Jennifer gets to the core of your soul unlike anybody else and she creates a safe space to go there. If you really want to do the work, she’s for you because she’s the whole entirety of life.”

Kim Davey
Founder + CEO of She Shines On, New Zealand

“I came in one person and now I can see my transformation and everyone around me can see it too. 100% jump over the fence and bring your friends and family…this is LIFE CHANGING. Everyone should experience this.”

Sholeh Shahinfar
Speech Pathologist + CEO of Valued Voices, USA

“This group champions your success and you feel like you belong.”

Keka DasGupta
Founder of The Art of Life-ing, Canada

“Jennifer Love is the money therapist you need in your life to develop your relationship with money in such a healthy way.”

Lily Mockerman
Founder Total Customized Revenue Management, USA